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Searching for staffing solutions to save your recruitment team valuable time? Meet Labourly x Certn, our new background check integration designed for staffing agencies and HR departments that manage skilled workers.

We know that in the staffing industry, speed matters. Your clients count on you to place candidates fast so open positions don’t stay open for long. In the increasingly competitive battle for talent in the skilled trades, it’s more critical than ever for recruiters to improve hiring times and decrease friction in the recruitment process.

Time-consuming background check processes are one of the factors known for slowing down those workflows. Traditional background checks can take weeks to complete, causing major delays in a fast-moving industry. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce a new staffing solution designed especially to help recruitment teams complete checks in minutes.

Introducing Labourly x Certn

Get ready to make lengthy background check processes a thing of the past. With Labourly x Certn, you’ll spend less time waiting on results, allowing your team to fill roles faster.

We partnered with globally trusted background check provider Certn on a new integration designed to help you hire faster by cutting down processing times. Labourly x Certn empowers staffing agencies and HR departments of all sizes to complete fifteen types of candidate checks, all from the comfort of the Labourly dashboard.

How our background checks work

Ready to give it a try? Here’s what you need to know about the new background check integration.

Faster background checks for faster hiring

Say goodbye to background check processes that take days or even weeks. Certn’s process can take as little as fifteen minutes from start to finish. Best of all, you can process checks in bulk, making it possible to complete background checks for multiple candidates at once.

Certn’s industry-leading turnaround times mean that your staffing team can spend more time working with candidates and less time waiting for reports. We bet that your candidates will thank you—and so will your clients.

Integrated right into your dashboard

No need to click around from app to app or tab to tab. Complete your entire hiring workflow right inside Labourly—including your background checks.

With our seamless integration, you never need to leave Labourly to complete any necessary checks, and neither do your candidates. It’s just another way we’re saving you time and preventing unnecessary headaches for your team.

Seamless candidate experience

With so many industries facing ongoing skilled labour shortages, we know you want to offer candidates the best possible recruitment experience to ensure you hold on to quality workers. Labourly x Certn provides a quick and simple process for candidates, with a fully mobile platform that’s easy to use anywhere.

With so much competition for top talent, this integration is one more tool to help you retain great candidates by making their hiring experience better.

Scalable and secure

We built this integration to provide peace of mind to recruitment teams—because we know how much you have on your plates.

Just like the rest of the Labourly platform, the Certn integration grows with you. Not only can the platform process bulk background checks, but built-in compliance across the board means that it’s ready to scale when your company expands. Plus, the process includes built-in consent forms to save time on admin work and encryption to ensure that your candidate information is safe and secure. Welcome to your new, worry-free workflow!

Background checks you can trust

Certn is a leader in background checks for a reason. Built for the best candidate and recruiter experience, Certn specializes in comprehensive, accurate, and fast processes that prioritize your customers, partners, and employees.

We know that trust is your most important asset. That’s why we partnered with a globally-trusted company to take care of your background checks, helping you to protect your company’s reputation and safeguard your brand.  

The bottom line

We’re dedicated to providing software solutions that save you time and make hiring easier. With this new integration, you can expect reliable background checks with drastically shorter processing times, ensuring that you can fill jobs faster.

What will your team do with the extra time you save? Connect with new clients? Staff more roles? Go home a little earlier?

We can’t wait to hear how the new integration makes staffing easier for your recruitment team.

Ready to give it a try? Developed with the unique needs of Human Resource departments and staffing agencies in mind, Labourly can save your team time and resources by streamlining your hiring processes. Book a demo call with our team to learn more about how we can help your company succeed.

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Muhammad Ehsanullah


Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but rather when there is nothing more to take away.” Antoine de Saint-Exupery

A valued member of our Labourly development team, Ehsan has a Bachelor of Computer Science and proven analytical, programming and coding skills.

An experienced web developer, Ehsan’s abilities are supported by impressive knowledge of cutting-edge technology and an exemplary understanding of database management systems, data structure, analysis and design of algorithms, and software engineering.

Ehsan focuses his skills and attention on design, installation, testing, and maintenance of web application development systems – as he continually reinforces industry best practices through his use of user interface, testing, and debugging processes.

Cheryl Lane

Application Tester

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value“.  Albert Einstein

Cheryl Lane is a true “solution developer”. She is passionate about collaborating with clients and team members on projects that encompass requirement-gathering, design, configuration including UI, business logic, and integration between components. She enjoys finding the answer to problems and focusing her strong interest in IT analysis and project management toward the answers that form workable solutions.

With a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and her strengths in project management, technical documentation and troubleshooting, Cheryl has proven a welcome addition to our team.  

She is extremely familiar with business operations platforms such as SharePoint, and experienced in managing and increasing software adoption, configuration, administration, and development. Cheryl’s broader expertise in training individuals on best use and optimization of software platforms is an additional benefit for our clients. 

Reggie Malebranche

Growth Consultant

“What you have done is nothing, compared to what you can do.” -Grant Cardone

Enthusiastic and committed to success in sales, customer service, and business development, Reggie brings his energy and determination to our core Labourly™ Growth team.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Simon Fraser University, and a laser focus on his goal of connecting people with exactly what they want and need, Reggie stays current in technology sales and customer service training, challenging and sharpening his skills with courses through the Grant Cardone Business Training University.

He has an entrepreneurial spirit that can be seen throughout his career, and has established lasting relationships in the hospitality and technology sectors. Reggie consistently exhibits a “whatever it takes” attitude toward customer service. He willingly goes above and beyond, to identify the issue that is limiting productivity, and present the most effective solution for our Labourly™ clients.

Ahmed Naseer


“Never allow the same bug to bite you twice.” – Steve Maguire, software engineer and author of Writing Solid Code and Debugging the Development Process 

Ahmed is an experienced software engineer focused on achieving the highest level of quality. He consistently targets the space for technological improvement, and is driven to develop new ideas. He delivers timely results through advanced solutions.

With a Bachelor in Computer Science and more than six years of web application development experience, Ahmed is fluent in .Net technologies, cloud services, and Azure DevOps Services.

Ahmed combines his expertise in the technical management of code with his passion for ensuring a smooth process for deployments. He is an integral part of our Labourly development team.

Ibrahim Mushtaq


“If humans can understand the code you have written, consider yourself a good programmer.”

A firm believer that teamwork makes the dream work, Ibrahim is a team player in the truest sense, going above and beyond to help anyone in need. He is ideally suited to his role as Application Tester for Labourly, our latest productivity platform, combining his natural desire to provide assistance with his exceptional skills.

Ibrahim has a Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours) degree, and he specializes in anything related to problem solving through coding. He is thorough, diligent, and determined to take technology to the point of perfection.

From game programming, to hosting apps on the cloud, Ibrahim is a skilled full stack developer who speaks the language of IT fluently. He puts his technical knowledge and skills to best use every time.

Kayla Chang

Multimedia Designer

“The best designs are always felt and rarely seen.”

A graduate of Interactive Media Design at Fanshawe College, Kayla believes in the magic of people, which directly influences her human-centered approach to design. Her goal is human connection through design that keeps on giving.

She focuses her web design, branding, video editing, and graphics on enhancing user experience through functional, accessible, and empowering designs that stay true to our clients’ vision. Kayla applies her versatile skill sets to each new project with determination to achieve complete client satisfaction.

Kayla collaborates with individuals or entire marketing divisions within small-to-medium sized businesses, large corporations, and academic institutions. She provides sustainable and elegant solutions, based on how users will interact with the final product, and how the project continues to grow after her involvement.

Julia Peden

Product Manager

“Design is so simple; that’s why it’s so complicated.” – Paul Rand

Julia focuses her creative problem-solving skills and IT experience on overall product management, ensuring that the ideas fuelling app development move from concept to market. She uses her extensive product knowledge to recognize and address challenges, while identifying and responding to opportunities. Julia is a key member of the forward trajectory team for Labourly™.

After graduating from both Western University and Fanshawe College, Julia has consistently applied her knowledge of consumer behaviour patterns. Combining this crucial understanding with her practical web development skills, she designs and manages innovative digital experiences for our highly satisfied clients.

Originally our Creative Lead responsible for overseeing the User Interface and User Experience design of Labourly™, Julia has been entrusted with the role of Product Manager. She organizes internal and external collaborations to establish the product roadmap for Labourly™, while forecasting tasks to organize feature timelines. In addition, Julia focuses her time management and leadership skills on supervising our marketing and development teams.

Jane Ramachandran


“There’s always a way…”

Jane Ramachandran (B.Sc., MBA), President and CEO of Resonant Business Solutions Inc., lives by the motto “there’s always a way to reach the goal”. With this outlook, Jane provides a high-level of problem solving, expertise and fluency in business development, administration, project scheduling, cost budgeting, and grant funding from idea to post-submission.

As a business development consultant with over two decades of experience, Jane equips clients with tried and true strategies to increase their impact, get stakeholders on board, and attract marketplace support. Drawing on the worlds of science, business, and technology, Jane has a well–honed instinct and a proven ability to craft compelling proposals that sell grant-worthy ideas and projects.

At the top of her field, Jane was nominated as an Influential Woman of Northern Ontario and 2015 Winner, Canada’s Top 10 Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs. Jane has assisted in developing grant proposals for projects collectively valued at >$1 billion for a roster of post-secondary institutions, research centres, private sector clients, and not-for-profits. Responsive client support, business and funding expertise, and big-picture strategies propel clients and their projects to the forefront of innovation in their sector.

Vicknesh Ramachandran

CEO & Co-Founder

“Relationship is number one.”

Vick believes that service and relationship building are the most important criteria for success. He is friendly, personable, patient, and brilliant at troubleshooting. With Vick’s sense of humour and easygoing attitude, he makes the most complex of projects seem easy to manage.

From website portal design and hosting to groundbreaking app development, Vick has the experience and expertise to deliver on all your IT needs. He is a cutting-edge information technology solutions and network specialist with close to 20 years of proven technical and management expertise. Vick has been trusted with IT and website development projects for the Windsor Allergy and Asthma Education Centre, the Town of Kingsville, Odette School of Business (University of Windsor), Centre for Business Advancement and Research (CBAR, University of Windsor), and Connecting Windsor Essex.

Vick’s main responsibilities include leading our IT app and web development team, technical architecture and programming, and finding the latest innovative technologies to enhance clients’ personal and professional effectiveness. Not your stereotypical IT guy, Vick likes to mentor and educate through training and advice. He is an authority on IT, websites and app development, and he specializes in technical consulting and advocacy to help you get the hardware and software that meet your needs, now and into the future.