Labourly features keeps all of your recruitment processes in one place.

Optimize your recruiting workflows for maximum productivity.

All of your recruitment needs in one place.

AI Magic!

Our Candidate Welcome Wizard safely extracts important information from a drivers license or personal ID to quickly build a candidate's profile.

Easily Manage your Candidates

Quickly retrieve your candidate profile information while organizing them based on filters, rating systems, and a favourites list.

Regulate Industry Certifications

Build a certification and licensing database to track, monitor, and manage the renewal requirements for your candidates.

Manage Professional Documents

Create, assign, and manage your candidate documents including education or legal requirements.

Oversee Multiple Job Postings

Create, duplicate, and manage numerous job postings with ease using filters and a status tracker.

Secure Internal Messaging

Efficiently communicate with your candidates, clients, and fellow admins with individual or group conversations.

Custom Filtering with Tags

Organize your candidates based on custom tags to easily filter and assign to jobs, certifications, or documents.

Empower your Clients

Invite your clients to manage their job postings and connect with with your qualified skilled trades candidates

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You have easy access to commonly asked questions through our Support button, available across the entire platform.

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