Labourly™ - Easy-to-use software to automate your recruitment process.

Your all-in-one HR solution to manage and hire work-ready candidates.

Built for Human Resource Departments and Staffing Agencies, Labourly™ provides intuitive solutions to manage your diverse and skilled workforce.

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Stop wasting time and employee bandwidth with manual recruitment workflows.

Labourly™ is a smart and rapid-response platform that manages candidate certification and licensing deadlines while automatically connecting qualified candidates to meaningful work.

Manage your HR tasks with intuitive software.

Connecting qualified candidates to meaningful work is a win-win.

Reduce time-consuming tasks and let technology speed up your recruitment process. Using our smart-hire algorithm, quickly set job requirements and receive a shortlist of the most eligible candidates.

Then, review their qualifications, filter based on best fit, and identify outstanding candidates in minutes. Exceed your own expectations of productivity!

Getting everyone on board is as easy as [Copy] & [Paste].

  1. Admins copy and paste emails of their candidates
  2. Candidates receive an email to Register in 3-steps
  3. Admins can now view, edit, and manage that candidate's profile - how easy is that?

Labourly™ is free for your candidates to use and always will be, so go ahead and invite the whole crew!

Make it your own.

Do you oversee candidates with diverse skillsets?

Select from our pre-populated list of certifications and documents to build a personalized database specific to your industry and company policies.

Customize each certification and document with additional information for your candidates to know how to renew their paperwork.

Never skip a beat with our automated notifications.

Let our technology do the mundane tasks. Candidates receive text and email notifications for new job opportunities and their licencing expiry, so they never miss a deadline again.

Admins can stay on-top of important tasks and ensure candidates are up-to-date and qualified for any new opportunities.

Simple, easy, and stress-free.

We know learning new technology can be scary or frustrating.

That's why we've made it so simple. Technology is only as smart as the human using it, so let’s get you set up for success right from the start!

Get set up with ease.

Take advantage of our free Onboarding Process. Let one of our Customer Success professionals walk you through setting up your dashboard.

Data migration options.

Do you have existing client or candidate information in an Excel sheet or a digital platform? Find out how quickly we can migrate your digital information into your Labourly dashboard.

24/7 support.

Every time you log in, you have easy access to over 100 articles and frequently asked questions (FAQ)s. Help is a click away.

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