Welcome to Labourly™.

We are your easy-to-use digital platform, with helpful solutions for your recruitment and certification management needs.

Labourly empowers you to automate and accelerate your HR tasks, leaving more time to connect with people and create an amazing team. At Labourly™, we put the “human” back into your Human Resources.

Labourly™ is a product of Resonant Solutions, a family company since 2012.

Our Story

As a software development company, our heart is to help solve the world's most pressing problems through the innovative use of technology. In 2015, we were invited to do just that, and help fill the gaps to identify and manage employees and their certifications in the skilled trades and labour sector.

One of our clients, a staffing agency, approached us. They shared that they were wasting valuable time trying to manage their skilled workforce. They were concerned that their skilled employees were on the job with expired safety and training certificates and licenses. It took them days and even weeks to place job candidates because the process was clunky and manual -- dealing with stacks of paper files and making tons of phone calls, checking certifications, and racing against the clock -- all before the candidate could even be shortlisted.

Using our proprietary Smart Hire System, the company was able to reduce the time it took to identify candidates and place them in jobs, by up to 75%.

This increase in productivity allowed them to scale their business while reducing the risk of litigation, by automating renewals and ensuring that every candidate was work ready.

Now we share our Smart Hire process with staffing agencies and skilled trades and labour workforce employers across the country, so that they can also avoid losing contracts and put their best people to work.

Our Core Values

Corporate values form the compass that guide our decisions:

  1. Deliver with excellence.
  2. We will always bring our A-game of excellence and innovation to solve our clients' challenges.

  3. People matter.
  4. Through communication and creativity we foster a fun workplace and make decisions that prioritize client relationships and their best interests.

  5. Leverage technology for client success.
  6. Design our solutions to do the heavy lifting, helping clients enjoy higher productivity and greater workplace satisfaction.

Our Dynamic Team

At Labourly, we truly believe that anything is possible – especially with the right team! Labourly is home to a unique blend of creative innovators and analytical problem-solvers from literally coast to coast across Canada. We unite our efforts, and bring our passion and unique perspectives to the Labourly platform – for the benefit of the people and companies who use our services.

Vicknesh Ramachandran

CEO & Co-Founder

Jane Ramachandran


Julia Peden

Product Manager

Kayla Chang

Multimedia Designer

Ibrahim Mushtaq

Application Tester & Developer

Mohana Das

Artificial Intelligence Developer

Jessica Curran

Business Development

Rubén López Zárate

Growth Consultant

Gabriel Teperino

Growth Consultant

Reggie Malebranche

Growth Consultant